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书名:The Eleventh Son: A Novel Of Martial Arts And Tangled Love
作者:Long Gu
译者:Rebecca S. Tai




1、the hands of a lover 
2、legs of flying doctor 
3、the sound of singing in the night 
4、the deer carver
5、an extraordinary beauty 
6、the heart of a pretty woman 
7、awe-inspiring lady shen 
8、the hawk king's secret
9、beauty of beauties 
10、a murderous look in the eye 
11、the lady and the bandit 
12、a marriage made in hell
13、the lamp in autumn 
14、gods of thunder and lightning 
15、a wanderer's home 
16、time to bid farewell
17、the heart of an ideal gentleman  
18、hunted down  19、brilliant strategies 
20、doll manor
21、true fellings revealed 
22、the longest day 
23、a stunning bride 
24、an affair to remember
25、splendid sunset


On one of his missions, Xiao (the Eleventh Son, known as the Great Bandit) meets Shen, the fairest woman in the martial world. By the will of fate, he rescues Shen several times, which plants the seed of love in both of them. However, Shen is married to a rich young man who is also an outstanding martial artist. As if things were not complicated enough, Xiao       has his own secret admirer, Feng, an attractive swordswoman with a quick temper. Xiao is drawn into a messy fight for a legendary saber, the Deer Carver, and is accused of stealing it. Xiao finds out that the person who has set him up is a mysterious young man with an angel’s face and a devil’s heart. Before he can pursue any further, Shen’s grandmother is murdered, and Xiao is named the killer. It appears that things are spinning out of control?


One of the top three Chinese martial arts fiction writers, Gu Long (1937-1985) wrote sixty-nine novels in a career spanning twenty-five years. Millions of copies of his books have been sold, and many of them have been repeatedly adapted for TV or cinema. His other important novels include The Compassionate Swordsman and the Merciless Sword (1970), The Orchid at Midnight (1979) and Hunting Hawk, Gambling Game (1984). At the age of forty-eight, he died of liver disease caused by excessive alcohol drinking. Rebecca S. Tai received her master’s degree  from University of California, Los Angeles. She enjoys reading adventure fiction and watching martial arts drama.

Paperback: 366 pages
Publisher: Homa & Sekey Books; 1st American Ed edition (August 2004)
Language: English
ISBN: 1931907161

下面是Amazon上几位国外友好人士的评论,都给了five star的高分。瞧哥几个的语气,对古龙小说翻译情况知根知底,估计是华侨。

Excellent translation , July 21, 2006
Reviewer:H. Anwar
This book is the only official translated wuxia novel of by the Late Gu Long (Ku Long, Ku lung) available in English to date. Gu Long is one of the three best wuxia writers ever, so having one his novels finally being recognized is indeed wonderful. While comparing it to other translated wuxia novels are rather unfair, because Gu Long has his own distinct writing style, nevertheless in technical aspect of translating, Becky Tai, the translator, exceeded the rest, mainly when compared John Minfor and Graham Earnshaw.

Becky Tai maintained the writer's original writing style and mood, even if the words and sentences are now in English. Additionally, Becky kept the names and important terms in Chinese pinyin and explained them to her readers, a much better approach than changing character's name into English or ignorantly using the term "Karate" for Chinese martial arts, like Minford did in his translation of The Deer and the Cauldron.

Overall, this book worths every penny and should be collected by anyone who love the "wuxia" (Chinese knight-errand) genre but unable to read Chinese characters nor any other Asian language in which many wuxia novels have been translated. If you are interested to read the second book, it is currently being translated by Gu Long fans at wuxia mania forum, just google it.

an historical fantasy "wuxia pian" at its finest, October 21, 2005
Reviewer:DavidR (Toronto, ON, Canada)

As far as I know, this is Gu Long's second novel published in the West. The first was Christine Courniot's French translation of "Les Quatre Brigands du Huabei" available from amazon.fr. This is the first professional and complete English translation done by Rebecca Tai. Those of us who have an interest in martial arts fiction, seek out novels like this one but you do not have to be a martial arts officionado to appreciate this excellent novel. Gu Long, more than Louis Cha, has a poetic style of writing that is unique to the genre of Chinese martial arts fiction. I find the settings of his novels lush and beautiful which leaves a lot to the imagination. Gu Long has acute psychological insight into human nature combined with the human relational understanding of honour and shame.

All these things aside, this if a fine adventure novel that follows the exploits of Xiao Xiyi Lang, an upstanding martial arts master who acts vis a vis an uncompromising martial code of honour. The characters are fascinating, the situations that these characters find themselves in are at times fantastic but that is typical of literature that encompasses history and fantasy. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. It was a new and refreshing experience.

A great journey, January 29, 2005
Reviewer:Yi Ning Xue (Demarest, NJ USA)
This is one of the first translated novel from the famed Chinese martial arts fiction write Gu Long. It's well translated and takes you back in time to a mythical China thousands of years ago, when martial art and chinese beauties went hand in hand. The world Gu Long creates is romanticized with diverse characters both good and evil, and all well versed in the martial arts. With great character development, Xiao, Feng, and Shen are very believeable and sometimes humorous. This is like a literary version of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Hero, or House of Flying Daggers. Kudos to Rebecca Tai for translating and Homa for bringing a great Chinese literary gem to the states!

Great new for fans of films like CTHD and Hero, September 3, 2004
Reviewer:David Chute (Los Angeles, CA USA)
The first official English translation of a novel by the most popular modern writer of "wuxia" (Chinese swordplay) fiction. This one is the source novel of a classic Shaw Brothers movie starring Ti Lung, "Swordsman & Enchantress." It's a lively and readable translation and a fine piece of bookmaking. Congratulations to everyone involved!

下面《萧十一郎》英文版内容,是我从google print上一词词敲下来的,选了比较精彩的开头部分。我试着把英文版再转译成中文,跟古龙原著对比一下,相映成趣。

Chapter 1

The Hands of a Lover

   TT WAS A fine sunny day in early autumn.
   The rays of the sun shone through the thin paper window,touching her fine,silky skin.
   The water was slightly warmer than the sunlight.Feng languished in the tub,resting her delicate feet on the high edge.the sunlight touched her soles as gently as a lover's hands.
   She was greatly pleased.
   After traveling for more than half a month,what could be more relaxing than a hot bath?Her whole body melted into the water.Only her half-opened eyes remained free,to admire her feet.
   This pair of feet had climbed mountains,waded through water,walked in the burning desert for three days,an crossed frozen rivers.
   This pair of feet had kicked three hungry wolves and a bobcat to death.squashed countless vipers,an kicked Cloudy Sky,the notorious bandit of Mount Qilian,off a cliff.
   Yet,this pair of feet was still delicate,exquisite,an flawless-without a single scar.Even those young ladies of noble households,who never stepped out of their mansions,might not have such perfect feet.
   She was more than satisfied.
   Water was still heating on the stove,and she added more to the tub.Although the water in the tub was hot,she wanted it even hotter.She liked the excitement generated by heat.   
   She liked all kinds of excitement.
   She liked to ride the fastest horses,climb the highest mountains,eat the spiciest food,drink the srongest liquors,and use the sharpest knives……to kill most vicious men.
   Some have said excitement makes people age faster,but this saying didn't apply to her.Her breasts were still firm,her waist still slender,her abadomen still flat,her long legs still slim,and her skin still wrinkle free.
   Her eyes were still bright and her laugh was still alluring and radiant. Whoever saw her would find it hard to believe that she was already thirty-three years old.
   In the past thirty-three years,Feng Siniang had never allowed herself to be mistreated,She knew what to wear for each occasion,what to say to any sort of people,what to eat with a particular liquor,and she knew which kind of kung fu would kill which kind of people.She knew about life and how to enjoy it.
   Few people were like her.She was unique.Some envied her;some were jealous of her.She was completely pleased with herself,except for one thing:she was lonely.
   No excitement of any kind could dispel her feeling of loneliness.
   Now,the last thread of her fatigue had dissolved in the water. She picked up a white silk washcloth and stroked her body with it.
   When the soft silk touched her skin,it always brought indescribable joy,yet she wished it were a pair of hands-the hands of a man she liked.
   However soft the washcloth was,it could not match a lover's hands;nothing in the world could take the place of a lover's hands!
   Gazing at her smooth,translucent,and nearly flawless body ,she felt a prick of unspeakable sadness.









聊可告慰的是,《The Story of the Stone》在西方的影响力也远远不如《Monkey》。